Need Help to Know How to Repair AVI Files? Here's How You Can Do It

Audio Video Interleave, known by its acronym AVI is a multimedia format developed by Microsoft in the year 1962. AVI files contain both audio and video. AVI files have an extension of type .avi. Recent files can be compressed with one or another codec’s like DivX, XviD etc. AVI files conform to the Microsoft Windows Resource Interchange File Format (RIFF). It allows synchronous audio-with-video playback, just like the DVD video formats. These file supports multiple streaming audio-video features.

Do you have a problematic AVI file type? This article introduces you to a brief solution on how to repair AVI files. Sometimes while playing your AVI files you must have noticed that image gets frozen, but sound keeps playing. You may also view distorted or colored blocks when the image gets disturbed for a time.

Consider a situation, where you are recording video clip for a very long time. After your recording gets over, you sit down to watch the video, and you remain dumb struck as the particular video file for which you have spent so much time is corrupted. You must have tried all workarounds, but nothing comes into your hand. You can sit and relax, as file repair software has built-in advanced algorithms to fix AVI files. There are numberless reasons that can corrupt your .avi files.

Let us have a glance on few most common scenarios:

Low Memory Space: Sometimes the device into which you are recording audio and video files might be low on memory, and you go so crazy while recording that it just went unnoticed that the device is low on memory. As a result, your recorded AVI files get corrupted. Low memory space issues can be faced on both Windows and Apple Macintosh series, this program is the perfect solution to fix corruption on both the OS.

Large File Size: Consider a scenario, where your favorite movie series got released recently and you stick to internet to download the movie. Now it may happen that while downloading the movie into your system, you view an alert that disk is running low with space, and you decide to delete certain files from the particular disk randomly, and in a hurry you end up deleting certain supported file of the movie. Ultimately while watching the movie you are at horror when your file refuses to open up. This is because your entire movie file got corrupted.

Codec Issues: Codec is the supporting file for playing your AVI files. Different codec supports different AVI files. When your codec gets corrupted it makes your AVI files unplayable.

Bad Sectors: The damaged part in your storage device can be called as bad sectors. You cannot access the files from the bad sectors, which you have stored on it prior to its damage. This damage may corrupt your AVI files thereby making them inaccessible. You may also sometime loose access to some of your important doc file, do not worry on how to repair .doc file as this tool provides the ultimate solution to document corruption too.

Power Surge: Your friend might get you a copy of your favorite singers latest released video albums. You go gaga over it and start watching the videos directly from the USB flash drive and suddenly your system shuts down. This may corrupt your files.

Header Corruption: You come across this disastrous situation, when the header address of your AVI files gets corrupted due to certain improper handling issues.

Rich Features of the Software:

  1. Repairs and Adjoins audio and video data stream side by side
  2. This application can also repair corrupt file on Mac OS.
  3. Fixed AVI files can be played on both Windows and Mac Operating System
  4. It supports devices such as HDD, USB Drives, External HDD, Memory Cards, etc. to fix AVI files.
  5. This is featured to even repair corrupted archives.
  6. This simple and effective utility fixes all your corrupted DivX, XviD files too.

Note: Adding to AVI file repair, one can also use this repair tool to fix MP4 video file for iTunes application. If you want to learn more about how to repair AVI files  and how this software actually works to fix MP4 file for iTunes, then browse around the give page link

Precautionary Steps:

Before downloading any files you should always check the memory space of the drive into which you are downloading your file. If you are using USB drives then be sure that your system is not low on battery and do not perform force shutdown operation in deadlock state.

How to Repair AVI Files?

First, Download and install the software, later launch the application. Once the application has been launched in the main screen you need to select the file that needs to be repaired.

Repair Corrupted AVI File - main screen

Second, Analysis of the selected file begins which is followed by the repair process. If the repair process is successful, a new window with preview option appears.

Fix AVI Files - Scan

Third, You can select the "Preview Repaired File” option in order to get the complete view of the fixed files

Fourth, If the repairs meet your expectation, save the repaired file in a new destination.

How to Repair AVI Files - Save


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